Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unschoolers Rock The Campground 3

Thursday 7/14/2011 - We arrived at 9pm and set up the tent by the car headlights.  First time camping as a family ever!  (As kids, Jim used to camp in a pop up and I had a couple experiences, some in tents and some in pop ups or cabins.  Neither of us camped as adults.)  Our family camping experience was great and we will definately invest in an air mattress so that we sleep better - and get a cook stove too!  A huge thank you to Erika Davis Pitre for lending us her extra cookstove and to Jules for helping us find our site in the pitch darkness! 

Friday 7/15/2011 -

Katie sees her friends!  Awww...

Kanoa and Kana having something to eat.

Our site.

Emily Hodsdon

Heading to the lake for a swim.

Relax and finish that quesadilla first.


Daddy and Li went out in the kayak.  Now Makana and I will go.

Makana and I exploring in the kayak.

Kanoa wanted to try it too.

View of beach from the docks.

George and Eileen Mahowald and Marla Briggs relaxing in the shade.

Li returning the paddles to the camp store.  He loved that store, esp the snacks!

View on path from store back down to lake/beach.


Kanoa and Wolfie


Charlotte, Meghan, and Laura Enos (right to left)

Shan Burton

Eileen Mahowald

Katie Wolfrum and Echo Goff

Our site again


Field where nerf gun wars, baseball, face painting, hula hooping, singing and campfires took place!

Katie and Laurie Wolfrum, Echo Goff
Saturday 7/18/2011 - York Zoo is a three hour ride for us.  There are two zoos about an hour away from the campground.  Murph, who lives in MA by the Cape, suggested we go to William Rogers Zoo in Providence, RI as he thought it was a nicer zoo than Franklin Zoo.  We took his advice and enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, we missed getting back for the 4pm Nerf War, but there were yet more battles to join in on throughout the early evening and the next day too!

Jim and I always notice this bug whenever we have passed by.  It is still there!  Had to photo of it as we refer to it sometimes...."Remember that giant bug...?"

I just LOVE this picture!!!

Sunday 7/17/2011 -

Waking up in the tent...

Leftover face paint!

Another sleepy soul....
Laundry hangin' out to dry

Makana or Li took this photo

Kanoa and I playing in the sand at the lake

Annie Fisher Kessler playing a watergun/seaweed game with Joshua and Makana in the water

The beach at the lake

Makana Wolfrum and Joshua Kessler

Alana Monlea, another happy swimmer

Li plays splash with Kanoa

Time for donuts....


Our campsite

Our campsite again..

All in all....can't wait to do it again next year!!!  :)  With air mattresses!!

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  1. Love these! The "another happy swimmer" is Alana Monlea, in case you're wondering....

    Hope to see you next year!