Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Kanoa and our busy day

Today Jim and Katie went to S. Portland to pick up Katie's best friend Wolfgang, to photograph a lighthouse (Jim) and to shop for jeans (Katie).  Makana and Li hung out with our neighbors Joshua and Christopher playing street hockey and riding bikes and playing soccer (Kanoa and I tagged along when they played street hockey as I wanted to make sure Kana was safe in the street.  He and I played in our neighbor's yard running after balls and climbing rocks and retrieving the ball the kids were playing with when it went into the woods.)  Then home to take the brownies out of the oven as we were bringing brownies to the block party later in the day.  Sent a few emails, answered some calls and did some smart meter work.  Li considered going to the Knowledge Vault, but due to the time and his interest in food, went to the block party.  Kanoa ate quite a few (half sized) pieces of brownies.  Kana sat down at a table with a couple of friendly neighborhood girls and enjoyed chatting and playing cards and eating.  Li ate some, hung out a bit and joined in the card games too and then went home for a little while.  Makana borrowed a scooter and scooted around the block with her "new friend" whom she wants to play with tomorrow.  Kanoa was active...very active.  At one point he was pushing chairs (no one sitting in them) forward and I had to let him know that they couldn't be pushed.  Later he pooped (behind those chairs) and I took him home for a diaper change and we went back to the party with the wagon.  Twice he enjoyed running down one of our neighbor's driveways and up the short staircase toward her door.  At another time he spit water on a man's leg!  Yikes, I apologized and wiped it up!  He was a handfull!  The man laughed and didn't seem to mind.  But I sure didn't expect that as I was right there with him.  Overall, we had a nice time.  Even though I knew I would be with Kanoa and not chatting like everyone else, I still enjoyed seeing my neighbors and think this is a nice thing to do once a year.  Makana especially enjoyed herself - glad she did!  The kids and I went to Staples, then to get sneakers for Makana so she could be ready for soccer, and even went grocery shopping.  At the grocery store, I kept a good eye on Kanoa - and in spite of that I still had to literally run after him a couple of times.  He likes to go!  Well...the van just pulled to say hello!  Said hello and now want to update....Katie showed me what she bought at the mall (she had saved birthday money and earned some from babysitting as well).  Jim, Wolfgang and Katie went on a boat tour in Portland Harbor and saw seals, a beautiful sunset and a thundercloud in the distance with beautiful colors underneath.  Sounds very nice!  And Jim took some gorgeous lighthouse photos!  So glad they had a nice time! 
More pics from the day/boat trip:

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