Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip to Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and Boothbay Aquarium Monday 8/1/2011

On 8/1/2011, the younger kids and I went to Bigelow Labs for an open house day.  It was really interesting!  Li especially loved it and both Li and Makana loved the glow in the dark plankton that they brought home.  Their experience there made them pull out the microscopes at home for more research on their own at night!  Cool!

Collecting plankton

Li and Makana collect plankton

Lab room was very crowded.  The nice lady explained alot of things to Li.  Li was Very interested.
Li gets a turn to look at the plankton on the computer.  The lady explained things to him.
Makana got to look at bacteria through a microscope.  The staff explained things to her too.
growing bacteria
Kanoa was not feeling very happy.  He was having a tough time on and off this day.
Makana took a long break to play on the fence along the ramp.
Kanoa joined in and they had fun.  Thank goodness they found something to do as Li was still in the lab and very into what he was doing. 

Makana and Li with two of the staff members - everyone was so nice there.  Makana and Li like to be goofy for photos somtimes!  :)
Ahhhh....Kanoa will like this place MUCH better!  It was right next door to the lab!  Phew!
And he did like it much better!
Got to look at fish and pick up lots of creatures in the large touch tank - very cool!
Lots of activities on the porch too!

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