Monday, December 29, 2014

Kanoa's 6th Birthday

December 28th was Kanoa's 6th birthday.  He woke up and was so excited to have an Easter Egg hunt!  That was what he wanted most of all.  He didn't want cake.  And he asked for Twix bars and Kit Kat's to be inside the eggs.  Easter Egg hunts are THE best thing to him!  So yes, we did that and he was so excited!!

It was like a combination of holidays when he sought out eggs in front of the Christmas tree...putting them into a Halloween pumpkin to make it easy to carry!

VERY excited to receive 2 GIANT Kit Kat bars from Jene!!!

Green crocs!  He needs a new pair of crocs and only wanted green ones.  We haven't seen any up here in Maine, but Jene found some in NJ.  Kanoa still hasn't tried them on.  Too excited to do other things for now.  I think they look just his size!

Grandma sent some gifts - his favorite was in the box with the comics on it...a remote control snake!  (Interesting that he noticed the comics and asked if it was a book...he realized they were to read!)  And Nanny sent a card with a check so he could pick out a special gift or put money in his bank account.  
Overall, he had a great day! 

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