Saturday, December 13, 2014

Start to a good day (and it's my 46th birthday too!)

Katie was thrilled to get a renewable scholarship to the college she most wants to go to.  Arcadia in PA!  It's still a very expensive we don't know if or how that will work yet, but she would like to visit it and hopefully find a way. :)  

Katie made me a birthday breakfast.  Chai tea ( favorite brand!), french toast, eggs, and bacon (shaped into a heart the best she could)....much appreciated and enjoyed!  

Us this morning. 

When I got back from the YMCA, the crows were enjoying the labyrinth. 

And....Makana played "They say it's your birthday" on the ipad for me!  And Li let me choose what to watch while we ate breakfast.

Today (if we make it there in time), we'll enjoy a free children's holiday movie in Belfast and then go to the juice bar, co-op and browse the shops in Belfast for fun.

We saw The Boxtrolls in the old theater in Belfast, I got a juice (carrot, kale, parsley, and apple...the person who made the juice forgot the lemon, but I said it was fine just as it was...mmm mmmm...tasty!  And felt SO good going down!  Just what my body needed!) and Makana got a smoothie with almond butter, almond milk, bananas and blueberries and maybe more stuff in it (I forget what else), we had pizza for a snack (except for Li) and stopped at various little shops downtown to take a peek.

On the way home, we stopped for a visit at the Windsor Chairmakers.  That was neat!  I have always wanted to visit there, but so far had not!  Next time I will check out the Shaker Shop which is next door (maybe part of it?) as well.

And.....some pics taken so far from our day....

Nelson Mandela bring peace to the Daleks and Cyberman....

Got our juice and smoothie!

Workshop was so clean and well light.

The chairmaker explained about the different kinds of wood and why some are better than others (Ash sounds like a great choice) and how they use epoxy glue which holds even in homes that use forced hot air or otherwise take the moisture out of the glue and leads to cracked chairs over time.  They guarantee their chairs for life, so they make them right the first time. The chairs cost about 700 - 900 dollars or more, depending on what features and what wood you choose.  (I'm imagining Ralph Kramden gesturing with his hands, "...a mere bag of shells!" ) 

Large workspace in the back.

Li made me a vegan birthday cake (It kind of crumbled when the top layer was put on and when the icing was spread....Li wished it stayed together better...but it still tasted delicious!!!!)

Makana made chocolate covered strawberries and decorated the outside of the plate with mandarin orange slices.  I love it when the orange slices sit out for a while and get crispy on the outside...they taste like candies! 

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