Friday, November 6, 2009

Misc Things I've meant to write about

Wed 7/22/09 - Li said "We are all born free." I loved this. We had been talking about me not even knowing about homeschooling when I was a kid and that I just went like everyone else I knew. I was forced to go just like every other child I knew. We also had been talking about other families we knew who have or didn't have freedoms for things like dating, etc. Interesting that Li ponders things so much. I do too, so I do understand. I like that about him.

7/22/09 (approx)- Recently Kana asked when karate was and I said tomorrow and she said, "Is tomorrow after this day?" I said, "Yes." Okay, so I thought she understood when tomorrow was. But....We were at the beach running along the shore and I mentioned that Kanoa will be running with her next year. Kana said, "Is next year afther this day?" Well, guess she doesn't yet comprehend how we refer to different times just yet. It's so funny how sometimes I think she understands something and then realize that she doesn't yet. As of now (11/6), she still talks about "the day after this day" instead of saying "tomorrow." She's still figuring it all out.

11/6 - Kana says "stake" for "mistake"
She used to say "fishermen" for a "fisher," but now does call it a "fisher."
Kana calls a vampire a "bampire" and a "grrr" for "girl" (although those are also getting a little more articulate over time.)

Kanoa - Crawling for sure as of 8/17/09

8/18/09 - Kanoa began pulling off his summer hat. (None of my kids leave them on.)

8/20/09 - Li said he was going to be as strong as Popye because he eats tofu.

10/10/09 - Li - Are girls allowed to be sumo wrestlers?
Jim - Said something about Japanese culture being very strict and that they couldn't be, etc, etc.
Li - Caus if they could, Edie should be one. (He is concerned about her being overweight. Sometimes we talk about obesity running in the family.)

Some good reads lately: Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar by James Marcus Bach (my book)

10/3 - Got to see Camden Film Festivals's film called "A Chemical Reaction" - Check out Safelawns or Paul Tukey for more info. Baby slept through the whole thing! And I got to hang out with Molly afterward. Nice evening!

Beg Oct - Ordered Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling - Still reading it as time allows. Love how I can complete a small section at a time..good for Mom's with small kids as that's all I get unless everyone is asleep and I am awake enough to read!

Oct or late Sept - Kana began to love "The Dog Prince" - she has asked me to read it over and over. She loves it too! Good for ages 4 - 10 even...and I really love it too!!

10/9/09 - Li tried sleeping over the Speno's house, but when everyone else fell asleep (and only Ben ended up being downstairs on the couch, Leo and Josiah were upstairs), Li called me to ask what he should do and if he could come home. He said he wasn't ready to sleep over after all. (We all expected this, so it was no problem for us or Rosie/Matt). We asked Li to tell Rosie upstairs and then Jim came and got him. After he came home and fell asleeep, Katie needed me to lay next to her as her stomach felt very queasy. She said she thought it was from being overtired. I snuggled next to her (keeping an ear and eye out for baby in the next bed) and she fell asleep peacefully. It truly meant something to be NEXT to her. She needed me to be there physically and mentally.

I have a note to myself to upload video 1042..someday I'll try that!

October - I had a note to myself to call Chipper and thank her (which I did sometime in October finally) because on 8/20 she tried to help Katie untangle her hair. And Katie had forgotten to bring food with her and Chipper fed her too. I have this thing about Katie's uncombed hair...I try so hard not to fuss too much about her brushing it, but *I* do feel embarrassed when she wears her clothes with holes in them (although I know she has other ones and those ones are her most comfortable ones she chooses to wear again and again) or when she doesn't brush her hair and says she feels okay about that. It is no big deal to her. It is *my* issue. So..most of the time I just deal with it. And sometimes she does just brush it as she cares sometimes. Guess I should be grateful she isn't vain! But sometimes I do say we are going to xyz and I'd really feel better if her hair were combed. She usually does it or asks me to help. Anyway, I appreciated Chipper trying to help her get out some of those tangles! I asked Katie if she ever wanted dreadlocks and she said no. To top off Chipper's niceness, she even brought Katie home.

8/31/09 - Li - Do 100 dimes make ten dollars? So then 1000 dimes make 100 dollars.
And 5 $20 dollar bills is 100 bucks. (All this in his head..he really is quick at processing numbers this way.)

October - Katie began writing a countdown to Halloween on a chalkboard. Li began calculating it too and can do it in his head.

October - Kanoa - Enjoys Peekaboo, crawls great, took some steps at the end of October...just at the very end of his 9th month. Took more steps and more steps from then until now (11/6). Today I think he did 8 steps!!!

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