Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 11/26/2009

We had a relaxing day at home. Baby was up very late last night, so we slept quite late (been like this for a while now).

Mom called before she headed out to Neil's sister for Thanksgiving. Spoke to Dad in Florida who just went to a big Thanksgiving buffet with Jeannie and some friends and overate.

Jim cooked our turkey (13.48 lbs this yr) for 4 1/2 hrs. He pretty much did all the cooking with me doing a tiny bit here and there.

Walked with kids...Kanoa in stroller, Li with brightly colored headress on carrying a bow, and Katie made a turkey thing (what is the name of that thing that hangs down from the turkey's neck again). So funny! Ran into Tom Jones and he said something about them being dressed for Halloween, lol! We finished our walk with me whistling Christmas carols and Katie singing along loudly.

We ate around 6pm. Will post a picture of the bird.

Rosie, Matt, Ben, Leo and Josiah came over for dessert and to hang out. Played charades a bit.

Mom B called back, but only spoke quickly to Li. Tried to call her back, but line was busy. Called Mom W. to see how her day was. Too late to call Jeff.

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