Monday, December 7, 2009

December Happennings

Here are five closeups of us that we used in the elf yourelf card (taken in our pajamas..)

12/4/09 - At the Christmas By The Sea parade and Tree Lighting downtown! Kanoa's first look at Santa...

Jo Doran and her son Nick, our neighbors!

Jo, Tim and Nick Doran

Me, Kana and Kanoa

Walking through Planet Toys on the way to the car.

Li smiles at Kanoa

Kanoa reads the Doggie book, one of his favorites.

Kanoa having a bite of yogurt.

Katie and Kanoa watching the snow fall!

Li's words he likes to spell and some math sums he wrote. He did this for fun when he had the flu approx. 12/20/09.

Here are our Christmas pictures! Starting with Kana's note to Santa (yes, she knows it is us but wanted to write to us anyway. And I didn't take a photo of Li's letter, but he wrote one too, but to us instead of Santa. Katie didn't write one. I wrote a little note to each person including Katie.)

12/28/09 - Katie's work in progress..

12/28/09 - Kanoa on the plasma car (he was only sitting on it - he still needs to ride with me - but soon he'll be rummming all over!

12/28/09 - Growth chart - katie is no longer on it!

12/28 - me and kanoa on plasma car

Li just started picking kanoa up like this. Wow!

These are all Kanoa's bd pics! He dug the carrot cake!

These were all bath pics from 12/30/09

Kanoa and I in the bathroom. I was in the mood to take lots of pics that night!

Li and Kana playing Go Fish.

Li was writing some favorite words, counting their letters and adding the number of letters up. Then he did multiplication with five (in box with word "flame").

Li wrote/drew this diagram to reflect the singing notes he was composing in his head. They show what letter they sound similar to, the length of time to hold the notes, and how loud (volume) to sing them.

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