Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kanoa is 1 and this is what he does and says now and Happy New Year!

Tonight it is about 1am on Jan 1st. We all stayed up for New Yrs Eve tonight.

Kanoa turned one year old on Monday December 28th. We celebrated with a homemade carrot cake just before midnight on his birthday (and yes, we were all still awake as we don't typically go to bed until 2am lately!)

Kanoa says "hot," "hi" and "neigh-neigh!" He says neigh-neigh for all animals, but I think he knows they are for horses and just can not pronounce the other sounds. Of course that is a guess, but it's my guess.

He waves hi sometimes along with saying hi (usually to Jim or me or his siblings). He waves goodbye sometimes now. He just started doing that! Cool!

Just a few minutes ago I was taking out laundry and putting it in the dryer. Katie was near me and picked up any clothes that fell and stuck them in the dryer. I had put Kanoa down to make it easier on my back. I asked Kanoa if he wanted to put the clothes in the dryer too and offerred him to do it with me. He did! I then gave him one small article of clothing and he stuck it in the dryer! Then another and another and another. All of which he stuck in the dryer! Katie and I were amazed (and I was remembering suddenly that Kana had liked to do this as a small toddler...gosh...Kanoa IS a toddler now I guess!). Anyway, Katie and I said "Yeah!" and clapped for Kanoa! He smiled and appreciated our applause!

Smiles everyone, smiles (thinking of Fantasy Island!)! Happy New Year!

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