Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Epic

Makana asked to be able to write her own text/chat messages on Roblox yesterday. After adjusting her account settings, the first thing she wrote was "I'm epic."

Then some random person on the game she was on typed a "?" 

Makana then typed "I'm epic" again.

He/She typed "ok"

Makana typed "I epic, you no epic"

He/She typed "I'm epic, you're not epic." and then "Do you want to fish?"

Makana typed "Ok" and they went fishing.  

I thought it was so nice that she felt so good inside she wrote she was epic!  Interesting to watch, though I told Makana I didn't think it was nice to tell someone they weren't epic(I had been doing something else when she wrote that part).  

She's been learning how to spell and read so much from various computer games and skyping (as she types or reads or asks me to read or how to spell words).  Li has been learning how to spell more and more words too.  

Makana asks how to spell "I'm" and understands it stands for I am and gets how to use it, but pronounces it with a short vowel sound (im as in rhymes with dim).  Love watching their learning unfold and grow and change.  So much can happen in such a short time! 

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