Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Notes On The Wall

I was sitting at the computer today and noticed some writing on the wallpaper in front of me.  I took a closer look and read, "Love Mom."  I knew it must be Makana as she sometimes writes things or draws little faces or hearts. There is even a picture she drew from a few years ago!  Later this evening, before I told her I saw it, she said, Mom!  "Did you see all the little hidden notes I made for you?  I hid them all around the house!"  And I saw a new one and smiled and then she hinted at where some others were.  Awww.  
Jim was not pleased with the writing on the wall and wishes Makana would use paper instead.   He  wiped off the ones on the painted walls, but left this one.  I feel I must honor how he wishes the house to be kept as it is his house too, although I wish he wasn't upset by the sweet writings Makana made.  In my opinion, if the marks come off easily and we can just talk to Makana about how much it means to Daddy to keep the walls free of writing, there is no need to be upset.  However, that is my feelings and Jim felt upset and I don't want to dismiss his feelings (although I think I did at first...I apologized).  I will now remind Makana to use paper instead.  I think one reason Jim felt upset was that he didn't feel appreciated at how hard he works.  We'll have to help him feel appreciated as he does work hard and is a great provider and we love him and are grateful and want him to feel loved and good and appreciated!  I think being away - working out of the house - for so long is hard on him and everyone.  Wish he at least worked at home!  
This was something Makana drew a long time ago and Jim left this one up as it was in a low corner.  Think it was  supposed to be her and her friend Azure. I still smile when I see it as it reminds me of how happy she was!

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