Monday, May 21, 2012

My cup is more than full today

This morning, Kanoa had Makana's old white cotton belt with pink hearts on it that he began twirling in a circle with one hand as if it was a ribbon.  As he waved it around, he jumped and yelled to me and Makana, "Watch me!  Watch me!"  He was so proud of himself.  Makana was playing with my hair and I thought of those old doll heads you could apply make up to and brush their hair and I recalled how much Katie loved to put a gazillion barretts in my hair when she was very little.  I asked Makana if she wanted to brush my hair.  She did and found two brushes and an elastic band and while she tried to put it in a ponytail, I watched Kanoa jumping and twirling his rope/belt.  He got out so much energy jumping and twirling!  He picked up the extra brush and said he wanted to brush hair too and jump at the same time.  He tried.  Then one of them got upset with the other and Makana was going to cough and Kanoa wanted to go downstairs but only if I went with him and I told him I needed to stay with Makana to help her feel more comfortable, but that when she was done coughing we could go downstairs.  He didn't like that, but saw that I was sitting next to Makana on the bed (waiting for the cough) and he might have felt a little jealous and snuggled up with me too.  I snuggled both of my little bunnies and told them how much I loved them and we chatted.  Kanoa ended up giving both Makana and I lots of kisses with mmmmm noise when he kissed.  He was so sweet.  A moment that could have gone sour turned out to be so sweet!  She coughed and gagged for her first cough since yesterday (she didn't cough all night for the first time) and joked that it "tasted like chicken!" (ewwww!)

I came downstairs and found Katie had written me back a sweet note on a paper I wrote to her last night before bed.  So nice!  I was so glad she missed us too while we were away.  Glad to be back together again!

Makana enjoyed an avocado and lettuce sandwich that I made for her a while ago.  This morning, we had one ripe avocado left and she wanted to cut it by herself and asked me if this is how to cut it (and she motioned how she was going to do it).  I went over how I did it and she gave it a go with the steak knife.  After making a couple of cuts with it, she asked me to finish cutting it.  Well, really she was done.  So I offered to spread the avocado on her bread and did so.  She wondered what kind of mayonaise I had used when she had that sandwich before.  I told her Veganaise and she got it out while I washed and chopped up some lettuce for her.  She put on the Veganaise while I sprinkled on the chopped lettuce.  She then put the top piece of bread on the sandwich and cut it herself.  I told her that her sandwich looked so good that I would make one myself and popped two pieces of bread in the toaster.  But....I got caught up in laundry, checking email, doing something with Kanoa and back to email.  She asked me if I was going to make my sandwich as my toast was getting cold and I said I would in a little while.  Suddenly there she was standing next to me with an avocado and lettuce and veganaise sandwich in her hands!  Wow!  That was so so nice!!!  I thanked her and told her how delicious it was!  It felt so good to be taken care of!

Li asked me if he could make a smoothie.  I said yes.  He asked me if I wanted any and I said sure.  He made extra and I gave most of it to Kanoa (who had seconds as he loved it so much) and had a bit for myself too!

Li and Makana were skyping and playing games on the computer today and it is so cool to notice how much they are doing and learning as they play.  Makana asked me if you spell "is" IS and I said yes.  Li asked me, "Is "peeler" spelled P-E-E-L-E-R?" and I said yes.  They both asked me to spell various words and I did.  And they negotiate things with people online and figure things out and today they were both looking at and exploring a new game that Makana joined.  It is so wonderful that they get along so well and enjoy each other's company so much!

Jim and I had the nicest chat on facebook today.  I love him so much and there is so much joy in both of our hearts today....our cups are more than full!  And it feels so good!  Wish I could bottle this up!

What else wonderful will happen today?

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