Monday, June 11, 2012

Hairy Legs

Quienes mas macho?!  Joking.  I was born with hairy legs.  And arms.  I was aware of my hairy arms when I was four years old and locked myself in the bathroom and shaved off my arm hair - maybe I saw my mom shaving and wanted to be like her??  I am trying to learn to accept my legs and myself as I am.  I do find it funny that I have more hair than Jim, but only because I was brought up in our culture - if it was not a big deal for women to not shave, I don't think I'd even think of it.  It doesn't make me more masculine or less feminine nor does it make Jim more feminine or less masculine.  We are what we are and I think we were both born perfectly. our culture, many females shave off their hair.  Maybe because it is accepted in our culture as looking more feminine or attractive or they feel more that way because they were brought up in our culture to think that way?  Jim prefers it when I shave, so I do sometimes, but not all the time.  In the winter especially I don't shave.  It's interesting to me how I change over 2005, I was very into being natural and me as I am and accepting myself as I am and I didn't shave.  But then a year or two later, I shaved again.  Now a few years later I am not doing it as much.  Why should we shave anyway?  To please others and fit in?  I might do it for my husband at times.  When else might I shave?  When I needlessly worry about what others might think. I'm working on that right now.  Trying to do what *I* really want to do and right now I want to be comfortable being Who I Am.  I want to like all of me...each and every hair.  And if I choose to shave it off for Jim, I want to feel good about that too.  I also don't want to shave it off to please anyone else.  But I'd do it for Jim because he likes smooth legs.  And I can deal with that if it means something to him.  

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  1. I’m so impressed on how you handle this kind of issue, Laurie. Oftentimes, women like you would scream to death having wrapped with extra hair. And I’m glad that you’re not making big deal out of it. But then, there’s nothing wrong with shaving. It is painless as opposed to waxing, and it would give you a smooth, silky skin sans the pain.

    Dennis Rode