Monday, June 11, 2012

Horseshoe Crabs at Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick, Maine

6/10/2012 - First time at this campground ( Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick, ME  ). Attended a horseshoe crab program. The grounds were lovely and clean and I want to go back again to hang out and swim!

Makana sat with me for a while at the program, but was called to the beach where she had major fun! 

She and Li dug in the sand and poured water in the hole. Love love love how they play together! 

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Daddy and Kanoa

Hattie McCarthy, her son Ian and her daughter Ginny also went to the program!  It was so nice to see  them as they live far away.  We planned on meeting there again sometime and going to the nearby Botanical Gardens too sometime soon (on different days).

Carol Steingart was the woman running the program and she was full of fascinating facts. She said she tried to make the program good for all ages and that she liked this outdoor location especially.  I can't recall exactly what she was describing in this photo...she showed us so much! 

While the group was up attending the program, Makana found a horseshoe crab in the water and was so excited!!  I tried to capture it on video, but it moved very quickly.  Then I went back to the program myself as I was interested in hearing what Carol had to say.   

Baby horseshoe crab!

Horseshoe crab eggs! Green little eggs!

A lady holding the baby horseshoe crab.

Me holding it.

Ginny holding the baby horseshoe crab.

Ginny checking out the horseshoe crab.

Kanoa feeling a little cold after getting wet.

Horseshoe crabs - larger female pulling the male. The male hangs onto the female so he can be one to be closest to her eggs and fertilize them with his milt.

Book recommendation: "Extraordinary Crabs" by Julie Dunlap - I read this book when Katie was little and this was the book that I saw in a pile of Carol Steingart's things.  It was very good and I think I will check it out from the library.  I'd like to read it and I'll offer to read it aloud if anyone is interested too.

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