Monday, June 11, 2012

Montsweag Roadhouse and What the Kids Do On Long Car Rides

Montsweag Roadhouse - On our way to the horseshoe crab program, we needed to stop and use the bathroom, and get some water.  While we were there, Jim bought a raffle ticket for a boat he sees almost every time we pass by.  Good luck to him!  

Maybe someday we'll try one of their burgers!  It did smell really good!  
This is what Makana loves to do in the car while she drives or waits....she loves to eat!  So I try to pack foods I know she likes.  Or sometimes we stop and pay for a fast food burger....99 cents or so is not alot to spend for a quieter ride and a satisfied girl.  And if I or Jim wanted something along the way, we'd just stop and get it as long as the other person was we do the same for the kids.  Another thing Makana loves to do is play games like find the abc's in order on signs and such as we drive.  That is another favorite thing.  
Li often lets Kanoa play on his Nintendo DS Lite.  That and eating O's are what he most enjoys on long car rides.  So nice that big brother is so generous with him.  And it is also nice that Kanoa likes to watch Li play as well.

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