Saturday, November 29, 2014

Makana and Azure selling warm tea on a cold winter day!

Makana and Azure wanted to set up a lemonade stand yesterday, but it was so cold that they thought warm tea would sell better.  They realized that there was not much traffic on our road, so asked if they could move to the stop sign two houses away. I said okay.  After about fifteen minutes, I asked Li to watch Kanoa so I could go buy some tea from the girls and check on them. They weren't there.  I was nervous about where they could be and go in the car to drive to look for them. They were on the next street going door to door with their tea, selling for fifty cents a cup at first, then increasing the price to 1.00 per cup. They were excited to make $3.20 each as some people gave a little extra.  What teamwork!  

I'm glad they had a great time, though I did tell them it is important to tell me before they go door to door next time!  And if there is a next time I'd give Makana a cell phone and reminded them that although I do know most of our neighbors, it still is a good idea not to go in anyone's home in case they are invited or call me to ask me first, before doing so.

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