Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Notes re: possible meeting places for Homeschool Gym for Jan/Feb 2015

Various gyms to consider in the area:

Point Lookout - Was going to charge us $60/2 hours, but then changed their mind.  They won't be renting out the gym space at this time.

Pitch - $5/pp or 50 for 1 1/2 hours or $35 for a 10 punch card

Thompson Center, Union, Maine (I didn't take photos...but she showed me a large room on the right side when you first come in.)  Laurie was the contact person there.

Dave's World, Rt 220, Liberty, ME 589-4780 - $50/2 hours 50 x 100 space, has tables, chairs, floor space to run, floor is made of concrete, has bathrooms and heat.

Baptist Church, 29 Chestnut Street, Camden, ME (see pics below) 236-2195

Lincoln Street Center gym, Rockland (see pics below)

Belfast YMCA - Contact Karen: 338-4598, 1 hour $40 for 1/2 gym is the normal rate, but she will give us the whole gym for $60 or half the gym for $30 (If we do the half gym, if no one is there, we could use the whole gym.  But if someone comes in, go back to half the gym while they shoot hoops or otherwise use the space.).  Thursdays are not good.  Friday's from 11:45 - 1:45 are good though.  In the future, if we ever wanted to rent the "Community Room" it is 25/hour.  The therapy pool is 75/hour.  Stephanie is the aquatics person and we could check with her to see if it would be okay if anyone wanted to swim laps.

Pen Bay YMCA - Contact Paula Williamson at 236-3375 - Just found out that they WILL match the Point Lookout price! Great!!  Now to figure four dates/times and send an email to see if we can still get 12 families for twenty dollars for those four dates (comes out to five dollars per family per date).

The upstairs gym at the Baptist Church on Chestnut Street, Camden, ME

Pictures from the gym at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland, ME.
Contact: Keith Mackenzie
24 Lincoln Street

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