Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Misc pictures from the family camera - October and November 2014

Keely, Nya and Wolfgang hanging out. 10/25/2014

Homeschool Group Halloween Party 10/31/2014 at Appleton Library

Beautiful fall colors in the grass on the way home.  Appleton, Maine 10/31/2014

Walk through the Woods hosted by the Waldorf School.  10/31/2014 at MerrySpring Nature Center, Camden, Maine

11/3/2014 - Makana standing out in the back yard.  Big Snow so early in the season!!  This was the first time Nya ever saw snow...and wow..she got to see a lot and a power outage that lasted from Sunday through Wednesday night! 

I like this shopping bag. :)

Well.....I did clean out the fridge after a few days of not having power.  I'm writing this on 11/26 and the fridge still isn't back to being full as I got rid of a lot of things we never used.  Hey..more space for cool air to circulate!  :)  Plus it is easier to find things!

I know you can't see them, because I can't in this photo either!  But one day we were getting ready to head out and Makana saw two deer in the backyard!  One in our back yard by the garden and the other just a wee bit in the woods. Makana, Li, Kanoa and I kept watching them for a long time.  I swear they could hear us though and were very cautious.  Finally they did run away showing their white tails.  11/18/2014

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