Sunday, July 8, 2012

Li and Makana and Friends Rowing with Come Boating in BelfastA

On Thursday 7/5/2012, the kids went to the Belfast City Pool and park and then went rowing with Come Boating!  We then listened to live music at Heritage Park and had some ice cream on this hot evening.  Love these kinds of Thursdays!  :)  I am looking forward to being able to row someday myself!  I would also love to get out on the water to paddleboard.  For now, I swim and play with the kids on my BZ board at the lake.  Jim and I have talked about cleaning the mouse house out of the kayaks and giving it a go now that Kanoa is a bit older and may be able to enjoy it for a short ride.  Need some way to get the kayaks to the lake though..maybe roof racks.  

Azure and Makana got to sit together as long as they were careful to be still.

Makana said she felt a little uneasy when people got onto the boat as the vessel became wobbly.   She later said she had  considered getting off, but decided to stay on.  I had a feeling she was thinking that and stayed close in case.  In a couple of minutes, as she had more experience with people laying on, she looked more comfortable.  

This is one thing that kept Kanoa busy while I was taking pictures and watching the  people on the boat.

Love this picture of Kanoa!!  Why is he so happy?  'Caus he got to sit in Makana's booster seat while I moved the car to a better space just a few feet away and then we were going to get ice cream!

Oh was he happy!  He LOVES ice cream!  And it was so nice and air conditioned inside on this hot day!

Love the old fashioned atmosphere of this store!  And the prices are reasonable  -  about a dollar and a half for a kiddie size dish.  

This is Katie's old t-shirt he's wearing.

After the boat got back in, we hula hooped, jumped, chased, ate popcorn and listened to live music on the lawn by the docks.  It was so hot still!  Li and Kana wanted ice cream too and so we got some for them before heading home.  There are new artsy places to sit all over Belfast.  This one looks like a nest.  My own baby birds decided to try them out!

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