Sunday, July 8, 2012

Li's 11th Birthday

7/1/2001 - Li was SO excited for his birthday, especially a few days before.  We went out to Athens for pizza and french fries in the late afternoon per his request.  We took a walk through the streets of Thomaston while we waited and this nice lady who was mowing her lawn with a Brill lawnmower (manual type) gave Li and Makana turns to try out her mower.  Li wonders if he might get one of them to do lawns in the neighborhood to make money.  We will look that up as it did cut well.  For Li's cake, we didn't have raspberry jam, so used real rasberries mixed with homemade chocolate icing in the middle.  The cake itself was his favorite, chocolate sour cream cake - a Betty Crocker recipe.  But this time, I made it (instead of him).  It was delicious as usual.  Kanoa was very excited for the candles and Li let him help blow them out.  :)

Playing Games

Daddy Makes A Special Birthday Breakfast for Li - His famous eggs...

11 candles on his chocolate raspberry cake

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