Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birch Point State Park (Lucia Beach), Hanging Out at Home and Kelvyn's Sleepover - August 15, 2012

Kelvyn, Li and Makana head off to the rocks.

They found a couple of rocks together that formed a sort of couch.  And another rock perfect for having lunch on.  Kanoa wanted to sit and eat on that rock too, so after they were done, there was room for him to climb on and have some yogurt.  The seagulls were probably glad that he dumped out his baggie of O's.

Kanoa took sand and put it on top of rocks.  And made lines in the sand. 

The fog rolled in so that you could just see the tips of the trees on the islands in the distance.  If I had not known those islands were there and if the fog had been just a little higher, I would have thought it was open ocean.

Kelvyn, Kanoa, Makana, Azure, and Li sitting on the "couch!"

Qwynn, Sage, ?, Rowan, Katie and Sebastian hanging out.

Group shot...

Katie about to hug Quinn g'bye!

Kelvyn!  Hellloooo there!  He slept over that night!

And the kids played lots!

Kanoa and I were sword battling - he goes on the trampoline to get more power and then we swordfight.   He really gets into it!  Gets out lots of energy!  This is a relatively new game we have been playing and we both like it (until I get pooped out!).  

This is what Katie and Zach were doing while the other kids were playing on the computer and Kanoa and I were swordfighting.  

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