Sunday, August 5, 2012

Late July 2012 - Early August 2012

Kanoa got a kick out of this new game we played because he got a diarrhea card!  He laughed hysterically!

These baby monarch caterpillars were on the underside of the milkweed leaf in our garden.  This really is our picture.  We found some juvenille caterpillars and adult ones as well.  So cool!  Glad I planted milkweed in the garden because this year it truly seems like we are seeing more monarchs!

Some flowers growning in our garden:

We went to Pemaquid Beach Park on Sunday 7/22/2012.  The water was unusually WARM and the usual calm surf was kickin' up like the Jersey shore!  It was AWESOME!!!!!  We all had fun jumping the waves and riding in the waves on the boogie board or just body surfing.  Kanoa dug in the sand and chased sea gulls.  Makana's burger was taken directly out of her hand by a hungry seagull!  She was surprised!  I had to hold onto Kanoa tight at times as the strength of the waves was often strong.  

Love this picture of Li!  

Li wanted to see what his nose looked like from the side.  Was checking out the bumps along it.

We compared noses...

We had such a fun day at Pemaquid Beach that Sunday that we met our friends there the following Wednesday.  But....this time the surf was cold and calm.  Very different.  Maybe because it had rained in between?

Liam (same age as Kanoa)

Amy holding baby Sean and Liam on the water's edge. 

Amy took this photo of all of us!  Thank you Amy!! 

Li got his bangs cut and just a teeny trim here and there.  But he wanted to let his hair grow long, except for the bangs as he says he wants to be able to see and plans to keep just that part short enough.

Makana thinks his haircut looks like one from "the old days."  It reminds me of  Albert on Little House On The Prarie a bit:

Kanoa climbed up into the chair and wanted to get his hair cut.  He only felt comfortable for so long and then bent more and more forward and then was done and climbed out of the chair.  I finished the last few snips at home.  Hey....he had a go at it and it was something he wanted to try.  

Zooming cars down the cardboard race track.  The frog plays a part in this game too.

Oh yeah!!! Donuts!!!

I must eat them!!!

Katie and Wolfgang - like this pic!

Kate opening presents from Grandma

Prior to pizza and cake this evening, Kate and friends walked from our house to Reny's to pick up some silly string, but ended up getting lei's and a coconut bra!  


Katie's 15th bd cake!  I made the cake the night before, and in the morning it was in the fridge all iced and decorated and beautiful looking!  

Katie picked up Kanoa because he really loves to blow out the candles too!  After this I light a separate candle for him to blow out.  He loves it so much that I keep a lighter and candle upstairs so that we can "blow out a candle" before bed sometimes.

In the morning of 8/4 (Saturday), Jim drove north to Little River Light and West Quoddy Head with Makana in the jeep and they took the top down on the way back as that meant so much to Makana.  Makana saw Canada in the distance and found cool pink/reddish rocks by the shore of West Quoddy lighthouse.  They had quite an adventure!  Makana's favorite part was the boat ride!  One big wave came up and splashed her.  Li was going to go with them, but changed his mind.  Because Jim and Makana got up so early, I got up to make sure they had everything they needed and to say goodbye.  The boys and I ended up moving to Jim and Makana's bed.  I tried to go back to sleep, but read for a long while instead.  Then took a shower.  The boys were still sleeping when I took this photo.  Then we needed to head to the Maine Mall to take Wolfgang back.  Keely came with us.  We got there a little early so there was some time to shop.  I got to talk to Kelly a little and Kanoa and Li had a snack.  The girls did some more shopping and then we headed back home to see Pop Pop and Nonna!

Another nice shot..

Nonna and Pop Pop!!!!

I love this photo!!  

Me and Dad!  He still calls me his "little girl" even though I am 43!!!   I never really thought I'd get older.  I mean, I know it happens logically.  But in many ways I don't feel much different than when I was younger.   Yet every so often I notice my older looking skin on my hand or arm or even how my face looks older.  I think, wow!  It's not like I am not accepting it, but I am surprised!  My dad doesn't look much older than when I last saw him.  And he's running to try to feel good and wants to lose a little weight.  Good for him for getting back into running after achilles surgery this past spring!

Li got his creeper shirt in the mail!!!!  Boy is he excited!  He wore it that night and the next day as well!  He was so concerned that it fit properly!  It did!

Dad finally found a karoke place in Camden (Cuzzy's ....on Saturday and Thursday), so we went.  Katie was allowed to come with us as long as I was with her.  (A minor must have a parent with them to come into the bar area.)  Pop Pop was so happy for us to be able to watch him sing!  He did a few Frank Sinatra songs and Jeannie sang one or two songs and I sang Elvira.  Katie thought that it was a little loud and stuffy in there and eventually she and Nonna took a walk.  I stayed and watched Pop Pop perform Mack The Knife.  I called Katie and she and Nonna came back to catch the last bit of the song and then we left.  Dad cracked up joking that my last big outing was probably a La Leche League holiday gathering or something like that and that this was my big night out!  It was a big night out for me!  Though I was ready to go shortly after Katie and Nonna went for a walk as it was so loud!  So funny how the floor literally goes up and down as people dance and move and the speakers were bobbing as well.  Everyone there looked like they were having a good time!  So that is what it is like to be at a bar in Maine in the summertime.  

Arrrggghhh me heartie!!

I loved this guy's hair and he let me take a photo of it!  I miss my long hair a little....someday I will let it grow and I want to get it braided all over with those little beads at the ends.  This fellow's hair was in dreads, not braids, but they were so cool looking as it was so long and each strand narrow!!

Expressions when Pop Pop was singing.....Nonna admiring her husband and Katie...well, Katie looks er um horrified!  (Not really...she was making silly faces at me!)  

I told Katie that I hadn't sang karoke in years (like 15-17 years!!) and was a little nervous.  She said, "Don't worry Mom, no one will notice.  The people are drunk!"  Thanks did help!!  
Nonna singin'!!  

The gals.....

Pop Pop watching Nonna while she was singing.  He likes Heineken beer. and bought me one.  That was my second beer since I had kids.  (excluding a sip or Jim's once in a blue moon)

Dad gets really into his songs.  I notice many people do ..they shut there eyes and really belt the songs out.   We decided that if we go back on Thursday, we'd sing "I Ain't Got Nobody" together.  My idea and he agreed.  So we'll see....

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