Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gunny's 11th Birthday Party At Alford Lake

Last week we attended Gunny's birthday party at Alford Lake - a scenic spot with shade, grills and picnic benches.  It is a great beach for young children too as it is not too big and on the shallow side, especially towards the end of the summer.  We hope to get together again there sometime because it was so fun and the kids had a blast playing together!

Can we get a group shot?!  Or a couple of them...

Maz, Mary Jo and Karlyne

Who can make the biggest splash?

All at once - Kersplosh!

Can you tell Kanoa enjoyed the cake?

The birthday boy makes a huge Jump!!

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  1. Nice post! Seems like great fun. It reminds me of one of the San Francisco venues where there was a pool and a lot of greenery around. We celebrated my daughter’s birthday there. Time flies so fast. She is 21 now and we are planning to get together at her granny’s place this time. It’s going to be a little different kind of fun this time.