Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun with Pop Pop and Nonna at the beginning of August 2012

We stopped at the park to play before we met up with Dad and Jeannie at the Lobster Festival.

Li loves these things...

Kanoa and I take a ride on the slides.

An afternoon at Lincolnville Beach

Li and Makana by the sea

Dad and Jeannie - I love this picture of them!

Katie and Zach by the Bagel Cafe

Makana's first violin lesson

Learning how to hold the frog


Makana and her teacher Kirsten

Pop Pop's bird shirt.  I think his expression here resembles Makana's in the above picture.  Sort of.

The gang at Birch Point State Park.  Such a beautiful spot!  Kanoa had a blast playing in the ocean with Pop Pop.  Dad would try to catch him, but then Kanoa would stop him and Pop Pop would fall into the water - the bigger the splash, the more Kanoa laughed.  Kanoa loves to feel powerful and even though Pop Pop is "so big," he let's Kanoa "win" and Kanoa digs it.  I'm so glad that Kanoa and Pop Pop played so much together and had fun - and I think they both really liked each other.  

Makana and Kanoa built this sandcastle with a face.  Later they decorated it even more and then right before we left they counted and knocked it down.  Fun building it and fun knocking it down!

Pemaquid Beach - Pop Pop and Kanoa played the "cheeto game."

Pop Pop and Kanoa
Besides going to three different beaches, we ate ice cream out at Riverducks, went bowling, played air hockey, played hide and seek, "Get You" (Kanoa and Pop Pop's game), "Shake Pal" (Makana and Pop Pop's game) and played with Peeks the Clown.  Kanoa kept wanting Pop Pop to find him and also to play "Get You" (that's what he called their game).  One night Katie and Makana went with Pop Pop and Nonna to their place for dinner and to hang out.  Dad said that after dinner Nonna was getting tired and he joked with her saying something about her being old and Makana said, "You're older than she is!"  Dad thought that was funny!  We enjoyed the visit so much and are looking forward to seeing them again!

One afternoon Kanoa wanted to watch Fairly Odd Parents with Pop Pop. They sat close to each other on the couch to watch the show.  I stepped out for a minute and when I returned they were snuggled with Pop Pop's arm around Kanoa.  Dad told me that Kanoa had picked up his arm and put it over him.  Awwww.
Pop Pop liked that too.  Sweet moment.  Like Dad said, I think Kanoa knew somehow that Dad was family even though we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like.  

Li and I snuggled in too.

Say hello to Peeks!

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