Friday, May 10, 2013

Dandelion Cookies

Today Makana and I picked a bunch of dandelions and used the flowers (no green parts) to make "Dandelion Cookies."  Makana went through each flower thoroughly to make sure we didn't include any green parts (sepals) as they cause bitterness.  

We followed a recipe in the book called "Dandelion Celebration" by Peter Gail.

Here is the recipe for "Dandelion Flour Cookies" - it takes about 20 flowers to make a half cup, though if you lose many petals in trying to get rid of the green sepals, you will need more.  Make sure they come from a place that doesn't spray chemicals or anything on them.  

This is how the cookies turned out!  They were pretty good.  Not oh-my-God great, but okay.  We thought that the lighter ones tasted better.  They weren't a crumbly cookie.  They aren't too sweet, yet there is a sweet aftertaste.  If you are used to healthier versions of cookies, you might like them even more.
 I'd make them again.  They'd be good with a cup of tea.

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