Monday, May 20, 2013

Kanoa shows off his spinning and pretending skills (from 5.7.2013)

Kanoa thought it was so cool to spin the rubber snake fast and wanted me to get a picture of him doing it.  
I got a short video first, and then a quick picture!  

 A short video with a high pitched squeal/scream as Kanoa spins the snake! 

Now the picture....Can you see the snake spinning in Kanoa's hand...a blurr of green towards the bottom?

And here he is pretending to be a zombie!  We love playing Plants vs Zombies and had been looking up many videos related to that such as other people making their own homemade Plants vs Zombies music videos and Plants vs Zombies videos with various cartoon or game characters in them.  I can't believe how many there are.

5/21 - Jim just received a package in the mail for Kanoa which he'll give to him tonight.  It contains little characters from Plants vs Zombies!!!  Kanoa will love this!  Even has Dr. Zomboss ("the big guy!")

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