Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/21/2011 - The Inspiration of A Two Year Old Artist - Let's Get Into Painting!

Kanoa was sitting on my lap while one evening while I was scrolling through a friend's facebook pictures of her child painting.  He said, "Me paint!"  We got out the paints and he began creating his own art.   

I wonder what he is thinking.....maybe "What happens when I stick my hands in here???"

He likes this!

Serious concentration!

Mixing in some more color...

Ta Daaa!

Kanoa likes this picture most of all!  When he sees it, he happily yells!

Kanoa loves to dump water!  Like he does with cups of drinking water, he dumped it when we weren't paying attention and we cleaned it up.  No big deal.  Easy enough to clean - gives me clean spots on the floor too! ;) -   But will be glad when he starts dumping in the sink instead!  :)

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