Friday, April 22, 2011

Makana goes horseback riding! Yippee!!!

Makana wanted to go horseback riding very much.  Our mail carrier suggested a couple people, but especially liked a certain instructor named Wendy Jacobson at Apple Ridge Farms in Appleton, Maine.  We made an appointment for a lesson and went on 4/22/2011!  The drive to and from Appleton was beautiful!  Spring was in the air!! 

Makana upon arrival at the farm.

Pirate the Pony - 19 years old.
Kana was EXCITED!!!  And silly!  Her personality showing here!!

Soooo happy to be riding!

Kana watched instructor Wendy clean one hoof.  Then she got to clean the other hoof!

Hearing about the importance of sitting up straight.

A view of Apple Ridge Farm in Appleton, Maine.

Wendy and Makana and Pirate the pony posed for a photo.  What a wonderful first riding experience!

View of barn on the way home from Appleton.

Another beautiful view.  Notice the little camps along the edge of the lake.

Another view of the same lake.

And one was so lovely.

Lost gloves and shoes that Laurie from Hope Orchards hangs on the wall.

Apples are growing....they are growing....looking forward to pick here later in the year.

Stopped by True Park in Hope (across from Hope Orchards) to play.  Li met another family playing baseball and joined in.  Makana, Kanoa and I played on the equipment.  We all had a great time!

When we got home. Makana made this drawing!  So glad she had such a great time!

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