Friday, April 29, 2011

The Helm for ice cream and Li playing baseball in the backyard with Kanoa

4/29/2011 - No Snow!  Green ground cover - yes, grass and weeds!  And I am okay with weeds!

4/29/2011 - Our traditional welcoming of spring...a trip to The Helm for soft serve ice cream!  (Although I think this was our second trip this year already.)  Kanoa is diggin' it!

The nice lady who gave us the ice cream!  Nice to see her every year!

Need I write anything?

Surprised?  Shocked?  What?  Hey....they had Round Top!

Li loving his cone...he is very into food and tasty snacks!

Love the expression on Kanoa's face...concentration!

Kids being silly at The Helm....

Li playing "bat/ball" with Kanoa.  That is what Kanoa called it for a while.  And when you play baseball with is not him trying to hit the ball so much as the pitcher trying to hit his bat which may move around and be held differently each time.  It is challenging!  If the pitcher doesn't quite hit the target (the bat) and if Kanoa is tired, he gets upset!  4/29/2011

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