Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photos from Life Rocks Conference in NH


4/9/2011 - Crocuses finally blooming in the front yard!

On our way....

Saw interesting animals at the wildlife animal show.

Made me think of kangaroo care...

I noticed Makana sat back a bit when this fellow was brought out! 

This animal was very interesting to hear about!  Might download a little video clip of this later..

Roderick Russell's volunteers - Can he guess who drew what?  Yes, he could!

Roderick Russell swallowed swords and fire too!  Missed his session the next day called The Accidental Unschooler - but we needed to take Li to the dentist because two of his teeth were hurting when he ate and we wanted to find out what was going on right away.  Turns out he is getting lots of new teeth coming in! 

Roderick Russell is in the book "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!"

View from our room!  Beautiful mountains.  Mt. Washington is not able to be seen, but is way off to the right.  And yes, snow covered.

Another shot from the balcony off of the room.

Getting rest.

Makana decorated our name tags for us.  I proudly wore my tag labeled "Mom!"

A little park outside.  So nice to be able to get fresh air outdoors sometimes!  They had a tetherball there too!

Went to get take out and was pleasantly surprised by huge, movable chess pieces!  After Kanoa moved the horses around for a while, Li and I began a game of chess!

Kanoa loved the big horses!

A zoomed in view of some mountains from the outside the restaurant.

Thursday morning (April 14th) while waiting for breakfast, we walked the spiral staircase to a lovely lookout area.

Li with one of the mountain views in the background.

Enjoying the breakfast and the view!  Jim wished the coffee was better though.  But the food was great!

One of the last mounds of snow in our backyard upon our return.  Our backyard was still very snow covered before we left.  It was so nice to return home and SEE the ground again! 

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