Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cathy's Postal Jeep...for now...but not for long 4/30/2011

4/30/2011 - Kathy's own jeep which she uses for work to deliver the US Mail.  Soon however, the US Postal Service will be forcing her to get a US Postal Mail truck.  She said that she did try to do everything she could to continue to use her own vehicle.  However, the postal service says that it costs too much to reimburse their workers to use their own vehicles (or something like that...I'm trying to remember what she said).  She loves her jeep and it is so good in the snow and surely she wouldn't be able to get up our driveway in the winter with a regular postal truck.  Sigh.  I asked if there was someone I could write to or contact to speak on her behalf and she said that it was already a done deal.  She will be selling her jeep when she is required to begin using her new truck.  This doesn't seem fair!  If her jeep protects her better in the winter weather, esp here in Maine, and if she is able to do more for customers with her jeep (like come up a steep, icy driveway to deliver mail), then shouldn't she be allowed to keep it?  Does it really cost that much more?  Can you put a price on safety?  Come on!  Jeeps are way safer than uniform postal trucks!

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