Saturday, January 2, 2010

The First Thing Kanoa seemed uneasy near/afraid of

This Dora head is in Daddy's shower and Kanoa seems to want to be in my arms when he sees it. He knows it is there. It is Kana's. Kanoa first seemed afraid of it in November sometime when he was in the bathroom with me when I was trying to clean the bathroom. Li and Makana were in there too and I brought the Dora head out as well as some other toy to see if he'd be interested in them and play while I tried to clean. But no go...he motioned for me to pick him up and I realized he was upset by the Dora head. The kids had also put on the bubble maker toy which made a constant noise. Perhaps it was too much for him and he felt overwhelmed. Crowded, noisy, and that Dora head. So now if Kanoa ever comes in the bathroom with me, I keep the shower curtain pulled shut. If he does want to see if, he can see it while he's in my arms. I go with the flow. If he wants to see it (by pulling on the curtain to see behind it while he is standing next to the tub), I will do it with him. If he seems okay (and sometimes he does seem curious and is in an okay place), I take the head out and let him touch the PRETEND DOLLY and HER PRETEND HAIR. We then put her back (usually sooner than later) as I don't want to freak him out and I want to let it be a gentle experience for him. We look at the other dolls and their pretend hair too. He may understand more than I think, so I explain that the other dolls are pretend too and offer their hair to touch if he seems okay with that. If not, I stroke their hair to show him. I know he'll eventually understand that the dolls and even the Dora head are just things to play with. And I respect that he really is uneasy by the Dora head. Interesting ...the things that make us feel uneasy, esp when we're little.

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