Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Happennings

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1/1/10 - This afternoon we video chatted with Dad (Pop Pop) and Jeannie (Nonna) via Skype! So cool! Glad they got to see Kanoa!

1/1/10 -Kanoa plays peekaboo behind the play store!

Kanoa looks at all the snow! 1/1/10

1/1/10 - Li on the computer.

Kanoa reads his favorite dog book!

Kana holding a stuffed doggie.

1/2/10 - Gamer Kanoa and brother and sister...hey! He wants to join in too! But only for a few minutes, then it is off to explore new things!

1/2/10 - What it looks like outside...jhad snow nyrs eve, yesterday, today (1/2), and we're sup to get more tomorrow! Yikes! That's livin' in Maine for ya!

1/1/10 (it was after midnight on 12/31/09) - Li just sits down and writes lists of new words he is learning to spell.  He makes these kind of lists up all the time.  This was written on blue construction paper, so it is hard to read.  Notice the rhyming of some of them.

This is a paper Katie hand delivered so that she could participate in an a Waterfall Arts program.  If she is able to participate in the program, she will be paired up with an artist for collaborative or side-by-side work of art based on a specific theme.  It will also be exhibited locally.  

1/4/10 - Shirley, Leo, Li and Josiah played with castle blocks.  Love how creative and enthusiastic the boys were!  Like Rosie notices, the boys do make those zooming and other sounds when they play - so funny! 

1/4/10  - Katie encouraged everyone to dress up like Ghost hunters!  They had fun finding ghouls all over the house!

1/7/10 - This is Azure's special polka dot puppy that she generously and kindly let Makana borrow.  As you can see, Polkadot Puppy is relaxing on the couch!

1/9/10 - This is our last photo taken of our Christmas tree for the 2009 holiday.  Many of the ornaments were moved as needed.  The kids did most (and I mean most) of the decorating!  We all enjoyed it and we are so glad we decided to get a real tree again this year.  (Almost didn't because we thought it would be difficult with a one year old - but it did all work out just fine!)

1/9/10 - The tossing out of the tree!

1/10/10 - (this was very late after midnight on 1/9/10..around 1am on 1/10/10) - This was Li's thoughts on how the brain works.  I wrote down what he said on the paper.  He drew a diagram showing how the brain stores memories.  He just came up with this on his own out of the blue.  Not sure what made him think of it, but there it is!  Showed it to Jim this morning.  He said to keep it.  Click on the photo to see the explanation of the diagram. 

 1/10/10 - This is the other side of the paper diagram.  Showing more one thing learned is stored and connected to other thoughts which are also stored, etc.


1/22/2010 - Mom and Bill (Thank you Bill for agreeing to be photo'd!!)

Bill, me, and Kanoa (same date)

Heather (same date)

Katie, Bill and Heather (same date)

Heather, me, and Kanoa

Heather, me, Kanoa, and Mom

Heather, Katie and Mom

Mom outside in back yard.  So pretty!  (Both Mom and the snow!)

What a great photo!!  Li, Katie, Bill and Heather
Li enjoys holding Kanoa on his lap sometimes when he plays on the computer.

View of da boys from the back.  Look at those sweet little heads! 

Kanoa plays with a toy train while being held by Keli'i.  Kana comes to take a look at what is going on.

Here is Kana with all the "saved" papers I will stick in her keepsake bag.  These are things that are special either to me or to her that she made during the past 9 months or so.  I do this for everyone (all ages!). 

Here's Li's special saved things.  Hmmm.  Now that I see things from last Valentines Day, I guess that they are as far as a year old! 

Here are some of the things I saved for Jim and myself.  I just loved Katie's lighthouse drawing (card) she made for Jim for his birthday. 

1/29/2010 - Kanoa (trying to get a picture of him smiling!)

Kanoa and me (just trying to get a photo of our little guy) 1/29/2010

1/30/2010 - Camden Winterfest (lots of beautiful ice sculptures at the library and an ice sculpture contest too!)

The ampitheater where the contest is held. 

What the harbor area looks like in the middle of January 2010.  (1/30/2010)

Another vantage point of downtown.

Li downtown same day (1/30/2010)

2/3/2010 - Li went outside and entertained us by the window.

2/4/2010 - Kanoa is wearing Kana's Dora pajama shirt.  Comfy for him!

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