Sunday, January 24, 2010

Li's words of wisdom

Once again, Li had something to say I needed to hear...

Saturday morning, Katie met with her art mentor Karen downtown. Karen was going to bring Katie home (So far only Jim had met her. I was looking forward to meeting her myself.) Our kitchen was still in breakfast mode and smelled of porkroll (Mom brought it up from New Jersey and Jim and I were so enjoying them!! Thanks so much Mom! They made Jim's weekend!). I mentioned that I hoped I could have the house cleaned up before Karen and Katie came. Li commented that he wished I would leave the house messy when people came over. I asked why and he said that then I "would realize it was no big deal" (to leave the house messy)!

He's right....but I do so love a tidy home!!! It's a process.....and Li will help me remember what's more important! Thank goodness! You know what? They came in about five minutes after that was all said and it was totally alright! :)

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