Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General Stuff from Today

Tonight Kanoa picked up the telephone (the wire came out as usual, so no real dial tone) and he said Hi/Hello in his sort of baby type talk. It was the first time he ever held the phone to his ear and said some sort of greeting! So cool to witness it!

He has also been climbing more and more up onto the granite in front of the fireplace (yikes).

A week or so ago, we moved the toy dress up box in front of the stairs and that has helped lots (to prevent him from going upstairs case I am not there fast enough).

As of yesterday, he began opening the drawers in the dresser in the living room (where we keep games). He loves digging in there and finding legos and knex (which get strewn all over the house and then get thrown back in the drawer bit by bit as I find them).

Kanoa, Katie, Makana and I went to Belfast to see a movie by Hila Shooter and Clayton Clemenson (homeschoolers). It was really good! We all enjoyed it! Li wanted to play Magic downtown instead of come. Travis was there and said he'd be there until five at least. And I know Li really wanted to, although I was on the fence about it, I agreed (and left my cell number with him just in case). I know Jim and Rosie and Matt or others are still close by. And I felt better knowing Travis was right there too. It all worked out fine.

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