Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gratitude does lead to Happiness!

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon nursing sleepy one year old Kanoa. The room was lit by steady white Christmas tree lights in case he fell asleep and I could read one of the two new books I just picked up from the library. I typically relax while the baby nurses and think about how lucky I am to have him and how little he still is. I do this because I know how quickly it all will pass. And I believe he will be our youngest child forever. I want to savor all the moments I can! I even try to do this with the other kids as they will shortly be even more grown up. When Makana (4 yrs) makes her certain Mommy and Daddy pictures, I just love how they look! For the way she draws her pictures will change too shortly. It's all about savoring the moment.

As the baby drifted off to sleep, I thought about Jim and Katie out for a walk in the cold daylight. They must be happy connecting with each other and having quiet time to talk and listen. I thought about happy he was when I peeked in on him at the Magic shop downtown and how he wanted to stay longer to finish playing in the tournament. He was able to stay and must have been lovin' it right then! And Kana now has a turn on the computer. And I got to sit and think about all these good things happenning at this very moment. I felt happy. Truly happy. And then I thought that it really is true - that gratitude does lead to happiness!

The baby fell asleep. I couldn't read by the dim tree lights and got up carefully holding baby to turn on the regular lights. Read the introduction to one of the books. Makana came over because she was scared to be in the computer room alone. We read a Marmaduke Mouse Christmas book and began reading a Halllmark book called "Stories of Santa" (with two stories/songs in it: "Up on the Housetop" and "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"). We came across a page at the back of the book that Katie must have filled in when she was young. As I read what she wrote, I again was thankful for what she treasured. I will scan it into the computer. Katie has always had a good grasp of what is really important in life. What more can you ask for?!!

I don't know how old Katie was when she wrote this. Had to be 4, 5 or 6. (Wonder if I can figure out what year it was when she got the Kristin doll?) I'll write what I can make out and you can take a look at the original notes from the book if you'd like. How precious this is to me!!

Favorite gifts from Santa: Kristin Doll, Nutcrackers, Maple Sugar Candy
Christmas Songs and Stories We Love: Jingle Bells
The Best Part of Christmas: Being with my family, Making a ginger bread house, giving presents, ????, snowflakes, happy feelings, having friends and family all love me.

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