Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scott Noelle's post on Scare City (scarcity vs. abundance)

I love Scott's posts. Every M-F, a thought provoking post helps me contemplate common cultural thoughts. Jim said that I could forward them to him. I really think they helped him have more patience and empathy and understanding regarding our children especially. Truly, they help me (as do the unschooling yahoo group posts) in my thinking in general which although is geared toward parenting, is helpful with relationships with people of all ages, friends, family, community/neighbor friends, and those I don't know. Here's a recent Daily Groove! Read it and sign up for his free newsletter. Scott also has a book available.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

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:: "Scare City" ::

When you buy into the *scarcity* principle, you live
in "Scare City": a place where you're always afraid of
coming up short.

In Scare City, you can't enjoy what you have -- you're
too busy worrying about what you *don't* have. All the
cups in Scare City are half empty.

Somehow, young children are largely immune to the
distressing effects of living in Scare City...

* They enjoy the abundant *now* while their
parents worry about the lack of time.

* They transform their homes into magical
worlds while their parents worry about the
lack of order.

* They give and receive love endlessly while
their parents carefully ration their limited

To live the Good Life, you have to leave Scare City
and go to a *dance* -- a joyful, magical, healing
dance where you release your fears and *shake your
booty* like nobody's watching: a-BUN-dance!

Are you willing to do A BUN DANCE with your child? :-)
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