Friday, April 2, 2010

March 24th thru March 31st 2010

3/24 - Makana's drawing with wet fingers or the special marker on the Dora drawing pad. This pad is so just use a special wet marker to draw and the picture stays until the water evaporates. So you can use it again and again. There is also this truck that follows the wet lines you make. The kids have lots of fun with this toy.

3/25 - Katie and Kanoa watch something on the computer. See Makana in this photo too. Probably Elmo??

3/26 - This is the card I sent to Neil for his birthday. I know I made him a bit wide here...did the best I could. Jim and I laughed as he suggested that I make it right by saying something like "This is how you'll look after you eat all that birthday cake!" Neil liked it and knew exactly which picture I modeled my drawing after. Yeah!

3/2010 - This piece of art I thought was so cool. It got ripped though. Kana stuck a piece of leftover sticker background on a paper and Li made this creature (dragon?) out of it. Really cool imo!

3/29 - What is this? It's Makana's super hiding spot that Katie and Li didn't find her in when they played Hide-N-Seek! Can you see her head?

3/31/2010 - Rowan Walauski

Rowan Blaiklock

Azure Walauski

3/31/2010 - Quinn and Rowan Walauski acting out a scene from their play.

Rowan and Sebastian Blaiklock acting out a scene from their play.

Just look at those expressions!

Even the seal pup got dressed up.

The gang created some movies and put three of them on youtube. They were proud of themselves and my kids look often to see how many views their channel gets.

They all had alot of fun dressing up, making up skits, taping them and watching them. Cool!

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