Friday, April 2, 2010

Who are we?

Okay - this is weird! I am holding and nursing Kanoa while checking email. I read some posts on the AU list about who we really are no matter what we call ourselves. Then I began to read other emails that came in. I have always been interested in the 5rhythms dance sessions held locally and was looking over one of those newsletters when Li (who had come downstairs and was playing his DS on the couch nearby) said "Who are you?" to his DS as I was simutaneously reading these words:

"A quote from Adyashanti...
"What am I, really? The beautiful nobody can tell us what we are. Nobody can really tell us. Not in a way that's going to be satisfactory to us. Our true nature is self-authenticating. When we bump into our true nature, it authenticates itself. Something inside us knows. what has been sought for, longed for, looked for. This is it. Usually, it's not what we expected..."

Come dance and uncover more pieces of who you are, what you are... It may not be what you expected!

Anna and Kari"

How bizarre and interesting! Something I will think on for a while.

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