Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Peanut Butter Family Homeschool by Bill Butterworth

A few weeks ago, my friend Sue reminded me of a book I gave her a few years ago that she finally finished. It was called The Peanut Butter Family. I didn't remember it, so I ordered it from the library to reread. Here is one of my favorite parts.

page 63 - "From my point of view, excitement is half the battle in education. If students become motivated about a particular subject, they'll do whatever it takes to gain mastery of that subject."

Note: Because we unschool, there is no "battle" (nor should there be if someone is interested and excited to learn something)- but I agree about kids being excited and wanting to do and learn until they gain mastery sufficient to satisfy themselves.

This is a very easy to read, uplifting book about traditional, Christian homeschoolers. Although we are not "school-at-home" homeschoolers and we don't homeschool for religious reasons, I absolutely loved rereading this book and would recommend it to others. I felt that Bill Butterworth was a little condenscending toward his wife and daughter in it, but only because he was likely brought up that way and he didn't think of it as negative. He was a very loving and supportive father and husband. As a matter of fact, that is what I loved most about this book: their family's love for each other spilled out of the pages. I felt so happy after reading it. I also think Rhonda (the mom) would love unschooling if she had known more about it and could trust her kids more. She did read some Holt (so it says in the book). That is pretty cool that she was already reading that back in the 80's.

At the end of the book, you find out that Bill surprises Rhonda with furniture for their house (it was something they never got around to doing). I must have been riding that vibe, because the day after I finished reading it, my thoughtful and caring husband surprised me by washing the minivan!

PS. Sue thought Bill Butterworth came across as a bit goofy and Rhonda Butterworth as an overachiever/type A. I agree, esp about Bill as seeming goofy.

PSS. I remember how we wore those collars down into our sweaters in the 80s - just like Rhonda's on the cover photo of their family. I don't recall anyone in my area wearing suspenders though. Maybe they did that just for the photo?

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