Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kana's Picking Garden

Yesterday, Kana put on a dress up outfit (ballerina leotard with tutu attached) and wore it all day. She wore it on the wagon ride around the neighborhood, played outside and inside, out to the garden store to get compost and flowers, and the whole time we dug and planted. It is now smudgy with dirt and waiting to be handwashed. I so wish I had a photo of her in her tutu out in the garden. But we were so busy and she got cold and I didn't get a chance to photo her because she needed to come in and get in the warm shower. We both had black hands. It felt so good to connect with the earth! I love the smell of the dirt and ground.

Last night Kana said that she now understood why I didn't want her to pick flowers from my garden. (I remained silent with my thoughts when she said this as I DO let her pick flowers from my garden, but do ask that she not pick them all because I like to look at them. That is why I thought she might like her own garden where she could plant and pick whatever she wants whnever she wants - and it might be fun to have her own garden.) She continued, "Because now I don't want anyone to pick flowers from my garden."

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