Sunday, November 2, 2008

9/4/08 Monday Scott Smith Talk


9/4/08 Monday Scott Smith Talk

Katie set up a talk by musher (and former resident of Camden, ME) Scott Smith. Scott visits his family in the summer and was happy to do a presentation for our homeschool group at the Camden Ampitheater. Katie was so excited to meet him as she right now wishes to be a musher someday. And Jim was equally excited to meet such a famous and incredible person.

I didn't get to listen to too much of the talk as I needed to follow Makana around the ampitheater. However, one thing I did hear was Scott's inspirational message of following your dream! Go Scott, go! We'll all be routing for you in the Quest!

And if he does the Iditarod again, we'll route for him in that too! (He said he was considering doing both!)

Scott shows a map. His neice who lives in Hope stands next to him. His sister helped set up a display of pictures of the dogs, sleds, etc. which are currently on display in our local Bagel Cafe downtown! Cool!

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