Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trip to Plimouth Plantation and Boston Red Sox Game


Trip to Plimouth Plantation and Boston Red Sox Game

Welcome! Experience Plymouth as it was in the 17th century! It is Native Wampanoag and Colonial English men and women living their lives, as if it were the 1620s. It is living off the land. It is cooking over the fire. It is managing conflict and navigating political relations in an uncertain time. See it, smell it, hear it and experience it here.

Wampanoag men harvesting reeds and making them ready for use. 

Wampanoag women in front of a wigwam. 

Replica of the Mayflower 

We took a tour of the Mayflower on Friday (the day before the red sox game). 

This is what the "settler's village" looks like at Plimouth Plantation. 

On Friday, just our family visited Plimouth Plantation and the kids helped harvest calendula as well as a vegetable (can't recall which one!) for the impersonator in one of the gardens. 

Early Saturday July 30th, we participated in a family activity at Plimouth Plantation where we could do farm chores like collecting eggs, feeding the goats, handling and learning about the cows, making butter and having a snack. It was lots of fun! And it was exceptional because we met some of the impersonators who were able to tell us alot about what life was like in the settlement. (During the day when they are "in character," they can only answer questions according to the time and specific person they are portraying.) We had visited on Friday and met one of them called Shelly and so it was interesting to be able to discuss with her some of my questions.

Katie holding a goat.

Later Saturday morning, Jeff, Jefferson and Cheney joined us to explore the plantation.    Makana and Cheney draw pictures in the sand at the settlement.

Li and Jefferson take turns hitting wood with the mallot. 

Jim's brother, Jeff, and his kids Jefferson and Cheney came with us to Plimouth Plantation on Saturday July 30th before the game. Here's a photo I took of the whole crew sitting on a huge log.

Li and Wolf at the Red Sox game on Saturday night 8/30/08. 

Casey and Katie are two peas in a pod! Casey is Katie's best friend in NJ! They still enjoy being together and chatting away so much! And...they are still so similar! Like sister's Tom (Casey's dad) always used to say!
This is a photo of Shannon, Casey, Katie, Li and Makana just before we left for our respective homes. So glad to have had time to spend together!

On our way home, we stopped by Scituate Lighthouse and saw a Labor Day Weekend parade! The kids picked up tons of lollipops!

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