Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Saturdays beginning 9/6/08


Fall Saturdays beginning 9/6/08

On Saturdays's, I got up early so that I could go get eggs and produce from the farmers market and be home in time to take Katie to soccer and get myself to ballet. Katie needed to be at the Middle School for her soccer game from 10-11:30am. After dropping her off (as I couldn't stay), I drove to the YMCA to teach ballet from 10:15-11am. I then picked her up on my way home, usually catching the last bit of the game. And I could actually watch as I didn't have the other kids with me. This was our typical Saturday.

Sometimes Li would have karate (if he only went once during the weekdays). Once Jim had an art show and so I had Makana in ballet class. Once I took ballet myself after class. But that was our typical Saturday morning. Once Katie and I went to the Bagel Cafe by ourselves and then the library for an hour or two. It was so nice to be one on one with her!

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