Sunday, November 2, 2008

Owl's Head Transportation Museum


Owl's Head Transportation Museum

We visited the Owl's Head Transportation Museum and watched the old planes (biplanes, etc) take off and land. Very interesting to watch!

Especially this one! Can you believe it really flies?

We all took a ride on an old car (can't recall what kind it was). A fun ride!

All of the kids tried out the peddle cars.

The kids took turns taking Ford Model T rides. The engine had to be cranked to start. The driver gave whoever was sitting in the front seat a microphone to speak directions (right, left, straight, stop, slow down, etc) into which the audience could hear. It was hilarious! When Li took a turn in the car, he got to be one of the kids with the microphone and he thoroughly enjoyed it! Makana and I also took a ride!

Li was the first to make his own styrophone airplane.

This is a picture of the kids watching Hannah Montanna's 3D special! 

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