Sunday, November 2, 2008

Katie begins soccer practice and chiro appts


Katie begins soccer practice and chiro appts

Katie had some soccer practices for the Pen Bay Traveling Soccer team. She ended up not making the team, but joined the Waldo Y coed and multi-aged team instead. We knew the coaches because they work at the Snow Bowl during skiing season. Now we know their kids as well. Small town. And...the Y team was so much fun! Less competitive too. (Which *I* liked!!)

Katie said her back hurt her very much. I picked out this doctor who I know saw my midwives for their baby's birth. I reluctantly allowed Katie to get two xrays. The chiropractor spoke to the xray tech because I was concerned that Katie NOT have her ovaries xray'd. The chiropractor and xray tech probably thought I was overly concerned, but I am responsible for my child's health and so I don't care what they think! Katie really wanted to have the xrays done because the chiropractor said that he really needed to see what her spine looked like in order to help her. He did feel it was necessary.

Well, it ended up being so much money that we couldn't afford to do all of the treatments. Katie seems to be managing fine without the treatment, but has this fear that in the future she will have back problems because that is what the chiropractor said. Now wouldn't any chiropractor find something wrong with you? Isn't that how they make their living? Isn't there always some little thing not perfectly in place in everyone, in spite of most people getting on just fine?! I hope Katie believes in her body and that she is okay eventually.

For whatever reason, she doens't complain about her back bothering her anymore. Good! Glad it doesn't bother her anymore or at least as much.

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