Sunday, November 2, 2008

Praxis II exam in Orono

Praxis II exam in Orono

On July 26th, I got up extremely early (3:30am ish - couldn't fall back to sleep). Left at 5:30amish (I think - remember, I am writing this on Nov 2nd as I am playing catch up) for Orono to take a Praxis II test for my Maine teacher's certification. It was SO foggy out! I passed the test fine and managed to do very well on all parts (esp math and science).  I had run out of time and didn't get to finish social studies and ended up marking mostly one letter right down the answer sheet just to mark something and have a chance at getting it right. Glad I was able to answer the other sections of the test so well as social studies is not an area where I feel as competent as I do in other areas.   Now I just need finger printing done and I should be able to get my teacher's certificate for N-8th grade and do my own homeschool evaluations for our family and other families.

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