Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Andre the Seal, When Will It Be Spring? and Katie Leaving for Virginia Beach

On 4/1/13, we spontaneously took a ride by Rockport Harbor and walked around.  Kanoa sat on a statue of Andre, the famous seal.  There are a few books about him as well.  

Makana took a turn as well.

We decided to have a picnic in the backyard in spite of the cool weather.  We could literally hear the snow melting.  And each day there was less and less snow.  Yay...spring was coming...slow, but steady.  

Looking forward to gardening!!  

View in our backyard on 4/2/13

Makana and I read about some of the Herb Fairies, then printed out and colored some of the Herb Fairy pictures .
We both colored in Viola. Here is her finished picture.  I didn't finish mine yet.

Here is Katie's suitcase for the chorale and band trip (she is in chorale, not band) to Virginia Beach.  I noticed Puppy was in there!  So sweet that she brought him!  

Here are the busses getting ready to go.

Katie was a little nervous and couldn't believe that this was really happening now.  She found her friends and got settled and off she went -all turned out to be fine!  
Here is my favorite picture of her and her friend Matt at Busch Gardens, one of the things they did for fun while away.  

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