Sunday, April 14, 2013

Makana's first chapter book - Pony Pals - No Ponies in the House! by Jeanne Belancourt

Makana occasionally picks up chapter books like the Happy Hollisters or Pony Pals or Santa Paws and brings them to bed with her.  Sometimes she takes them to the bathroom or in the car.  She doesn't usually finish the books, just kind of start them as she can't yet read all the words.  Sometimes she will spell out a word so we can tell her what it is.  Other times she does her best, likely skipping over words she doesn't know.

This past Thursday, she finished her first chapter book - Pony Pals "No Ponies in the House!"  She had been telling me different parts of the story as it unfolded for the past few days.  On Thursday, she brought it with her on our trip to Freeport and told me about what was going on every so often.  Towards the end she was hoping that Alfie the Teddy Bear hamster would be found (and he was!).

She still enjoys the Dr. Seuss and Little Golden books too and those are the ones she brings a pile of into the bathroom with her.

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