Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Ish," Makana's bird drawings, and the recycled cardboard bird house

We recently read a book and watched a short dvd called "Ish."   Someone recommended it on the Shinewith Unschooling list.

Makana especially liked it.  She tends to get frustrated if her art or whatever she is working on doesn't come out the way she intended.

The idea that something can look "vaseish" or "treeish" gave her something to consider.  

She has been talking about her own art looking "ish" now and then since we read the book.  And she commented that she thought that Ramon's poem in the story was good.  

We share an understanding when either of us comments on something looking ish now.  Like an inside joke.

Here are some of her bird pictures as she has been into birds lately.

I bet she is into birds because we've been seeing and talking about the turkey vultures for at least a couple of weeks as we've noticed them when we go on walks.  And we've been hearing more varied bird sounds...the return of spring.  

Also, one evening Kanoa and I began to construct a bird house out of recycled boxboard.  We even painted it. The next day or so Makana joined in the fun by adding her own touches. Colored yarn, sparkling shaped hearts glued to the inside wall and more effects to make it look homey.

She and Kanoa want to put it outdoors in hopes that birds will really use it.  I'm thinking the covered porch might work to keep the rain out.

This little bird house has grown because Makana found a corrugated cardboard box and thought we should make it bigger and connect the two smaller boxes.  We stapled parts of it to make sure no crows could get it (there is a story about crows and robins from a previous spring as to why we want to keep out the crows ....but I won't go into it).  Kanoa thought it needed glue dribbled upon it's roof for an extra touch!  lol!   So...we'll see what happens.

If I get a chance later, I'll add the finished cardboard bird house to this post.

It might not look real fancy from the outside, but it was made with great enthusiasm and lots of love intended for the bird family to make it their home!  And though you won't be able to see the inside, it has colored yarn strewn in separate colors in a circle for a cozy nest and warmth.  Love!  

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